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Ordering from Scentiment

How to order?

Scentiment is a pure online retailer: you order online, you get delivered. Scentiment does not have a physical location where you can come and pick your perfumes. So, how do you order?

    1. Download an order form

    We give your the choice to download your order form in two formats:  Excel or PDF. For those of you owning Microsoft Excel, it's a much better option, because it calculates the price for you.

    2. Fill in the order form

    If you use the Excel file, it does the calculations for you, as you fill it with your quantities. Write in your details, the quantity you need for each perfume (55ml) and sample (10 ml). Save the file.
    You don't have Excel and you downloaded the PDF? Print it. Write in your details, and write each quantity you need, both for perfumes (55ml) and for samples (10 ml).

    3. Email the order

    If you used the Excel order file, just email it to
    If you used the PDF order file, once it filled, scan it, or take a good quality picture of so that we can read it, and email it to

    4. Pay by EFT, and send us the proof of payment

    After checking your order, and calculating the appropriate delivery fees, we will send you the amount to pay, as well as our bank account details. Once you have done the EFT, send us the proof of payment. Only after we receive this proof of payment do we start executing your order.

    5. Get delivered by Postnet, expect 3 to 4 working days

    Time to prepare your order and send it, you should receive it within 3 to 4 working days. So be sure you plan your order to get delivered when you want!

    5. Enjoy your new scents!

    That's it! You receive your great perfumes, you can enjoy with your friends! See you next time