A fragrance for every emotion

 What is Scentiment?

 Scentiment fragrances are trademarked as the first “Inspiration fragrances”.

Our fragrances are inspired by the scent of the most popular designer fragrances today. Scentiment fragrances are created by some of the best perfumers in the world – our source of perfumes offers expertise of over 17 head perfumers based in Europe – the quality of each fragrance oil is unmatched. Our fragrance oils are composed of both natural compounds extracted from natural sources (i.e. flowers, wood, etc.) as well as synthetic compounds.
All oils used in our fragrances are IFRA (International FRagrance Association) approved.

Our Inspiration Fragrances are perfumes that carry the same* fragrance profile as the big brand-name fragrances one might see in todays big retailers.
Scentiment fragrances however are Inspired by these big-brand fragrances and our creations must not be confused with what other companies call “generic” fragrances.
“Generic” Fragrances are generally cheap copies of “Original” fragrances (some generic fragrance companies go so far as to lie to consumers and tell them it is the exact same thing as the original and are just in a different bottle – this other than being illegal is a complete lie!) As original fragrance houses own the trademark of their own fragrances and are not available through any other channels other than their authorised retailers.
Scentiment Inspiration Fragrances on the other hand, are created by the very same fragrance suppliers that also create fragrances for the big-brand-name houses we are so familiar with today.
Our fragrances are so close in comparison to the perfumes we use as our inspiration that even perfumers struggle to tell the difference.
Our fragrances are also much more affordable that the big-brand fragrances on the market, as there are no exorbitant packaging and marketing costs.
This benefits the Agent (who sells Scentiment to end users), as well as the end user, as they get a great product at a great price. So in essence every one wins – in the end of the day you are paying for a TRUE-VALUE not a PERCEIVED-VALUE.




To connect people with people, and to connect people with themselves. Scentiment will be a Proudly South African brand, helping build a better world through relationships and quality perfumery products. We believe that changes in society come from committed individuals that make a difference in their day-to-day lives.

We create and market products that inspire others to build meaningful relationships with their communities and themselves. Our products help our agents and customers to smell good, and feel good. Helping all involved to love themselves and others making the world a better place. One person at a time.

Lives being interdependent and nothing existing without anything or anyone else - each individuals aspiration for success, vitality and acceptance is the driving force behind Scentiment vision. To aid each person to be the best they can be, with honesty, acceptance of our differences and living life to the full.

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